Construction Pilotage 8 Houses

4 October, 2018
Elevators for T2
9 October, 2018

Construction Pilotage 8 Houses

Category: Work -> Common Wood

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Good Morning:

We invite you to quote Pilot Workforce Project KATIOS

The above according to technical, general, industrial safety, quantities and attached plans.


1.- Quote the labor and supply of each item that is in the file of the amounts with AIU.

2.- There are 12 Corresponding Houses from House 113 to House 120.

3.- Contemplate (Bath – Inspector Siso Full Time – Container)


1.004 Steel Reinforcement Piles KAT03 TH-WC (8) 113-120

  • MdO Steel Reinforcement Figurado

1.006 Process Pilot Screw = 0.30m KAT03 TH-WC (8) 113-120

  • Pilot Process Screw 30 cm
  • Mobilization and Demobilization Piloting Team



    • 7 to 10 years Supply + Instalacion.

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