Deck waterproofing Tower 1 Sauce

Supply of sanitary equipment and faucets Sauce Tower 1
24 October, 2018
25 October, 2018

Deck waterproofing Tower 1 Sauce

Category: Finish -> Waterproofing

LicitaciónExpired tender


Best regards, the bidding process for the waterproofing of the roof of tower 1 belonging to the Sauce project, located in the municipality of Mosquera, is hereby opened.

Please bear in mind the terms of technical reference and industrial safety, as well as the schedules of execution of activities (Annex 4).

Any questions of technical nature please contact the resident of work Diana Bernal at: 3204497879

Thanks for your participation.


14.006 Impermeabilizacion Manto Cubierta y Terrazas SAU-01 BL-T1(2) INT 01Y02

  • Manto Waterproofing (AL-80)


    • 4 to 6 years Supply + Instalation.

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