¡With Licify everyone WINS¡

29 June, 2018
17 August, 2018

¡With Licify everyone WINS¡

Licify bring for you, buyer friend, The LiciPoints; our loyalty program to reward your experience on our platform. With the LiciPoints you can have access to discounts and auction events, where you can continue to innovate in your shopping process.

Participating is very simple, you just have to continue living the Licify experience.

How to obtain the LiciPoints?

For every 10 REFERRALS that you make in our platform → You earn 10 points
For every 5 GUESTS by bidding → You earn 30 points
For each tender AWARDED → You earn 50 points
For every 20 TENDERS PUBLISHED in the month → You earn 100 points

BENEFITS that you can redeem with the LICIPOINTS.
Accumulating 1,000 points → Discount of 8% plan.
Accumulating 500 points → Reverse auction event.

How to redeem the LICIPOINTS?

  • A notification of the status of LICIPUNTOS per constructor will be sent each month.
  • The construction company must send an email in response to their status as LICIPUNTOS and mention the redeeming benefit of the following month. (response time 5 first days of the month).

Keep in mind the terms and conditions!

  • The LiciPoints are cumulative without any expiration.
  • The LiciPoints are not redeemable in money.
  • The LiciPoints are not transferable to other companies.
  • The benefit of 8% DISCOUNT can be redeemed once a month.
  • The benefit of reverse auctions may be redeemed without any limit as long as it has the Listed.
  • Each month you will receive an email “State LICIPUNTOS” which will indicate the status and number of points to be redeemed.
  • Each constructor will be responsible for determining the user who will have the power to redeem the Deeds.
  • The construction company must send an email within the first five days after receiving the mail “State LICIPUNTOS” determining the benefit to be redeemed in the following month.

With this program we seek that you, buyer friend, have the best experience in the leading bidding platform in Colombia.
If you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact us:

→ (+57) 310 807 7414 | contacto@licify.co
We invite you to be part of the new Licify. Do not forget to be connected and follow all our social networks → you find us like @Licify


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