Partridge cover waterproofing

5 July, 2018
Supply of veneers and glued communal building
1 August, 2018

Partridge cover waterproofing

Category: Finishes -> Covers

LicitaciónEnds: 2018-08-03

Cordial greetings, the bidding process for the waterproofing activity of the Perdiz project cover, located in the city of Barranquilla, is now open.

Please bear in mind the technical reference terms as well as industrial safety terms, and the execution schedule (annex 4).

Any technical concerns please contact the resident ing Mario Andres Bello at tel: 3043369486

Thanks for your participation.


  • Polyester waterproofing (Sika Mantle)
  • Mediacane waterproofing
  • Regatta for waterproofing mantle
  • Polyester waterproofing (Sika Mantle)



    • 4 to 6 years Supply and Instalation.

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